Hauntology The Space Niddry street. #edfringe

It’s Friday night and Niddry street is heaving with people smashing back alcohol and it’s getting a bit lairy outside.

We get a flier and told about a show that has a David Lynch vibe. She must be a mind reader because we are the biggest Lynch fans (I’ve got on a twin Peaks t shirt so maybe just good at spotting that)

You walk in and straight away you go from Friday night Carnage to the Silencio. A dark stage with a

Gramophone. A small tv. A piano and lots of other oddities that make you feel like you have walked into a David Lynch set.

The show is one of the best things we have seen at the Fringe this year. It was a real privilege to be there.

The music created was absolutely what the title suggests. Really haunting, ethereal and unearthly with the static, backing soundtrack, cello, piano and theremin.

Monelise has the most incredible voice. If you had to try and attempt a comparson, you can think of Kate Bush, Cocteau twins, Julee Cruise, Rebekah Del Rio but it’s so much it’s own thing it’s very difficult to say to someone, go see this… it sounds like……

What I do know is, is that if David Lynch saw this, these guys would be on his next project without a doubt.

This is a big recommendation because they really are something special. And a huge relief from what’s going on outside.

There aren’t too many more shows at #Edfringe left so I urge you to get tickets and see in the witching hour in Hauntology

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